100 Reason to Cry but 10,000 Reasons to Smile

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For sure when life gives you hundred reasons to feel sad you should give it a thousand reasons to smile and thank God. I couldn’t keep quite with such a good news despite having a mixed feeling right now. The long journey with my brother Adano started back in 2015 when he was diagnosed with 3rd stage cancer of the voice box, we didn’t gave up instead decided to seek health care in India by Jan 2016.

Fortunately we got the best ENT doctor called Naveen Hedne in Narayana Hospital. It wasn’t easy journey because unlike the expected three weeks we ended up been in hospital for almost five months, but successfully underwent a major surgery,Chemo and Radiotherapy. After nine months we were back for revisit and to check whether the cancer was over, and YES PET SCAN RESULT WAS OUT AND MY BROTHER WAS CANCER FREE …..For any person out there suffering from Cancer or having a relative suffering from the same NEVER GIVE UP, As Narayana cancer center puts it”Cancer is so limited to kill the spirit of life“. Its a curable disease when diagnosed and managed by experts.

Marsabit is named as “Desert of death”because of highest number of throat cancer cases in Kenya, but my brother will be a living testimony that yes anyone can make it if he did.
Special thanks goes to many people who went with us through this journey especially in India when we really needed shoulders to lean on. Dr Naveen Hedne and your team of ENT from Narayana Hospital, you guys are the best and i urge you to hear my plea of doing a throat cancer medical camp in Marsabit county with your support.

David ‘Showlane’ Dawe from NHIF Kenya Thank you brother you really helped me when i was struggling with referral issues,to NHIF you are the best cover that people don’t know!!Thanks for making it easy for us, to A&K Global Health team Eucabeth Nyabeta from Kenya, Rolwin Naveen Mathias, Prashant Lakkannavar Sarwat S Hassan from India thank you guys!! To my brothers and sister the doctors from Ethiopia galatoma you guys made us feel at home, Shibikom Tamirat Agonafir Kefe Tadesse Fekede Agwar Samson Adera last but not least the staff at SRT Alpines hotel namaste sana, you always stood with bro even when i was away.#mixedfeelings #thankingGod #Cancernomore
God is always great, with him nothing is impossible……

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