Dada of the Year 2019!

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“If you believe in yourself and have dedication and pride-and never quit,you will be a WINNER.The price of Victory is high but so are the Rewards.”-Bear Bryant

Our Founder Anna Qabale Duba has shown great resilience and dedication in bridging the gap in her community in Torbi,Marsabit County.She has had sheer passion and Commitment towards promoting literacy,health,peace & cohesion and Talent among the children,youth,women and Men in her  pastoral community and Marsabit County at Large.

She is a Dream Chaser and Dream Achiever.Her hard work has enabled her get recognition globally and locally.

Her recent award of¬†“Dada of the Year 2019” by Akili Dada Foundation,creates more encouragement for her and the organization.


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