The literacy program is to empower the entire community but majorly focus on girls and women in the rural villages. Apart from the formal education, the women benefit from various other training such sexual reproductive health and rights, menstrual health management and economic empowerments. Empowered women will be able to see the importance of educating their girls as well not only boys. Through the adult education, these women learn how to read and write and it’s a great step for them since they can help their little ones with basic school work unlike before. Their thirst for getting education is real, because nothing hinders them from attending the classes. Many of them are nursing mothers and since they have nobody else to leave the babies with, they bring them along and proudly breastfeed them while in classes. Therefore, as the first graduate girl from my small village I (Qabale Duba) decided to give back to my community in a little way that I could just to bridge the gap.

Due to their nomadic nature, the pastoralist communities move from one place to the other in search of pasture and water for their livestock’s. Therefore, only few children get opportunities to be taken to boarding schools far away from home. Such opportunities will only be given to boys and definitely the girls remain at home to help the mothers with house chore. To give these little pastoralist angles hope, we have started Torbi Pioneer Academy with slogan of Daring to Dream. It’s with the support from McKinsey and Company that we built the nursery class and we would like to build two more classes and the staffroom as we progress slowly to realise a dream of becoming a life changing pastoralist school in Torbi village of Marsabit County.

Because of where they live these little girls have no access to schools.

The secret of getting ahead is getting started, we have started and dared to dream but we need support from well-wishers to build more classes and bridge the educational gap in North Horr sub county of Marsabit County. Please support our course and we will appreciate any form of support both financial and no financial like stationaries, sanitary pads, story books, adult learning materials, not forgetting moral support.